Paul Pagdin

Approximately 30 years experience of financial control and management at director level with several companies ranging from £400,000 annual turnover to £50,000,000 annual turnover.

Funding experience covers negotiation of simple overdrafts to securing funds for a multi-million pound management buy out. A background of 10 years in banking provides a benchmark against which terms and facilities may be assessed and aids a real understanding of the requirements and concerns of business funding providers from Venture Capitalists to High-Street Bankers.

Several major accounting systems and upgrades have been installed, implemented and adapted over this period in addition to many ancilliary sub-systems. Throughout this extensive career Paul has always been deeply involved in the general commercial aspects of business and has constructed financial analysis and reporting systems to meet real (and changing) business needs.

All of this experience is utilised to allow business owners and managers to concentrate on their business whilst having sound financial information and forecasts available against which to measure plans and achievements.

Long experience has shown the benefits of providing practical, cost-effective and realistic financial information and control systems appropriate and specific to each customer's individual circumstances and needs. 

Val Pagdin

Over 20 years experience in the accounts offices of various concerns in positions ranging from accounts clerk to department manager.

Wide understanding of the workrate and processes essential to meet the demanding deadlines necessary for the production of timely and meaningful financial data.

Val's experience compliments Paul's and enables a rounded view of specific issues to be taken and facilitates the establishment of sustailable and effective "common sense" systems and solutions.